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  • Pool with clear water with a great surface finish.

  • We Complete Each Job to Our Clients' Satisfaction

    Our commitment to our clients is why we have successfully surfaced over 12,000 pools.

  • Dive Into Perfection

    Make your pool the envy of the neighborhood with our beautiful, high-quality pool finishes.

  • Enhance Your Poolside Experience with Pebble

    Our attractive and durable pebble finishes make your pool an oasis you enjoy for years.




When you want to renovate your pool, trust Pebbleworks Pool Surfacing. Our quality finishes and custom surfacing will restore your pool to its original pristine condition. Simply contact us today!


Contractor build pool


We are one of the top choices for contractors tasked with creating an attractive pool for their homeowners. View our gallery of work to see why they can count on us to install beautiful pool surfaces.


Pool Finishes


Pebbleworks Pool Surfacing offers custom pool finishes from some of the industry's top brands. You can count on a distinctive and attractive pool surface when you choose any of our available products.


Clean pool because of maintenance


Protect your pool, and add to your enjoyment of it, through continued maintenance. Let Pebbleworks Pool Surfacing, your pool experts, do the job for you. Call us today for a free evaluation and estimate.


Find the Custom Pool Surfacing and Finishes You Need in South Florida

Attractive and Durable Pebble Finishes

Pebbleworks would like to take this time to invite you to the possibilities that we at Pebbleworks can offer you. Since we opened our business in 2004, Pebbleworks Pool Surfacing has surfaced over 12,000 pools in the local area. Our customers appreciate that we use only the highest quality pebble and a unique, plaster-free process that is more attractive, durable, and resistant to UV damage.

Pebbleworks is the only certified WetEdge installer in Southwest Florida. Explore the WetEdge product family of Satin Matrix, Pearl Matrix, Primera Store, and Prism Matrix.

WetEdge Technologies Pebble Stone is imported from Chile and New Zealand and comes in a variety of finishes and colors. The unique composition means that it does not break down the way old-fashioned pool finishes do and does not need periodic refinishing.

Choose from:

  • Dozens of Colors
  • Pearl Matrix Pool Finishes
  • Prism Matrix Pool Finishes
  • Satin Matrix Pool Finishes
  • Specialty Accents

JewelScapes and StoneScapes Installer

Pebbleworks is also an approved installer of JewelScapes and StoneScapes products as well. Introduce yourself to all the Glass Bead lines available through NPT, such as their Classic Series, Reflective Series, and Glass Blends. Or try their StoneScapes Touch of Glass and Exotic Series.


As you may know, Pebbleworks has long been known for excellent customer service and attention to detail. We would like to gain your trust in showing you, the contractor, that we are a step above the average pool finish installer. We pride ourselves on the “four ‘P’ process”: Price, Punctuality, Pride, and Perfection. To make sure that customer needs are being met, our representatives are continually updated and trained on new products that can help you. We are committed to giving you the kind of service that you need and expect.

Pebbleworks has been listening to what you and others in the industry have to say. We can meet all of your surfacing, maintenance, and restoration needs and work diligently to earn the trust of you, the contractor, and your homeowner as well. We professionally represent you and your company on every visit and interaction. As a team, our opportunities are endless when we work together as multiple businesses that complement each other. Just like you, as a contractor, are only as good as the people who work for you, the same goes for us at Pebbleworks. We are one contractor, one team, all striving for the same goals: price, punctuality, pride, and perfection.

Trust our experienced and highly trained crews to resurface your existing pool with our patented, state-of-the-art technology, using pebble that should last a lifetime. 

We service all of South Florida. Call us for a free evaluation and estimate.

Though we service homeowners throughout all of South Florida, we also provide commercial services as well. Call us for a free evaluation and estimate.